Amadeus Live


In which language will the film be shown?

The film will be shown in its original language (English) with subtitles in the local language – e.g. in France there will be French subtitles and in the Netherlands, there will be Dutch subtitles.

The only exception will be in Germany where the German dubbed version will be screened without subtitles.

Is the original film shown in full?

Yes – the complete original film (1984) will be screened in high definition.

Does the film have original soundtrack sound?

The music from the film will be performed LIVE in perfect sync with the film.

Who will perform the live music?

A full orchestra and choir will be on stage promising a terrific audio and audio-visual experience.

Am I permitted to take photos or film during the concert?

No photography of any kind is permitted during the show.

Is there a break during the film (concert)?

Yes. The musicians need a little breather. After about 1 hour 42 minutes there will be a 20-minute intermission. The second part of the film (after intermission) will last approximately 57 minutes.

The full show (including intermission) will last approximately 180 minutes.

In which cities and concert halls can Amadeus LIVE be experienced and where can I buy tickets?

Please click here to find the full list of the cities & venues, as well as direct links to buy tickets.

Where should one sit in the concert halls?

It is generally recommended to sit in the middle area of the stalls to see the musicians up close. In contrast, when a nice overall picture of the musicians and film is preferred, the places in the further rows offer nice overall view.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

Legislation on this matter varies from one territory to the next. Please consult your local ticketing outlet before purchasing your tickets.